Women’s Leadership Summit – What is it?

Women’s Leadership Summit – What is it?

When considering attending the Women’s Leadership Summit, you may have questions, such as what sessions to choose, who to see and whether the event has a virtual track. Before you make a decision, however, it is helpful to understand what the Summit is all about. It offers a unique opportunity to build cross-style leadership skills and connect with other women interested in the same issues.

Women’s Leadership Summit

The eighth annual Women’s Leadership Summit brings together influential women from the Rochester area to share their ideas and experiences. The event includes workshops on career development, networking, and more. This year, the event celebrated 100 years of women’s right to vote. If you are interested in becoming a district leader or are looking for a new job, this event is for you.

The Summit is designed to cultivate the leader in women, providing an opportunity for women to share challenges and success. It brings together a network of women from various sectors, building stronger bonds and addressing issues facing women today. Women will be able to learn and network with women from different fields, including business, nonprofit, and higher education.

This event also includes workshops on creating a career that fits your life. The sessions will focus on how to balance your personal life and your professional life. Check out the schedule of events and speakers to get a complete picture of the events. Some workshops focus on career building and the next steps, while others offer a curated networking environment for attendees.

Women make up half of the global population but are disproportionately underrepresented in the workforce. As a result, gender gaps affect employment, career advancement, and leadership roles. This issue requires action and awareness. A women’s leadership conference can help create the change necessary to achieve equality and promote diversity.

The KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit is an annual event that provides women with the skills, tools, and inspiration to succeed. The Summit brings together top businesswomen, government officials, and athletes to inspire the next generation of women leaders. It also provides networking opportunities for women in different industries.

Virtual track

Whether you’re interested in advancing your career in a new field or enhancing your existing skills, a Virtual Track at the Women’s Leadership Summit can help you succeed. With two tracks, this conference will provide you with practical information and the opportunity to connect with other women worldwide.

The virtual track of the Women’s Leadership Summit is designed for working professionals. Participants can choose which sessions are relevant to their work and personal life. The Summit includes keynote presentations, panels, skill development workshops, and networking opportunities. This conference has more than 2,600 women attending from around the world.

The virtual track will feature keynote speakers, interactive group discussions, and action-planning sessions and will provide aspiring and experienced leaders with valuable information and tools. Participants will be able to interact with other women leaders and CEOs worldwide. Unlike in-person summits, virtual attendees will not be assigned a room but given a Livestream link that enables them to join all the breakout sessions.

The third day of the Virtual Track will be coined the “Realizing Your Power” session. It will kick off at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2. The second day of the Summit will feature a moderated panel discussion and the closing general session speaker, Violet Palmer.

Women in leadership face extraordinary challenges and are expected to balance their personal and professional lives. To be successful, they must learn to trust themselves. Self-reliance comes from self-mastery. It is an essential ingredient in success as a female leader.


The Women’s Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity for women to learn from some of the most accomplished women in business. Featuring cutting-edge discussions, networking, and skill-building opportunities, the event celebrates women who are making a difference during a time of change. This year’s conference features new awards, a new theme, and the opportunity to network with influential women from various backgrounds.

The Summit brings together current female school board members and administrators for educational panel discussions on overcoming bias, managing leadership transitions, and balancing work and a healthy lifestyle. Attendees can also learn about strategies for effective communication with their boards and leadership teams. In addition to board members, this event also provides networking opportunities for female classroom teachers. Panelists include Claribel Cortes, co-founder of Setroc Group and vice chair of the New Jersey Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Victoria Vitale, Global Sourcing Manager for Johnson & Johnson. In addition to their professional experience, panelists will discuss self-care, balancing work and a healthy lifestyle, and communication strategies for board and leadership teams.

Panelists addressed the challenges of gender bias, a persistent problem in business. Research has shown that men apply for jobs if 60% of critical requirements are met, while women often need to use them even if they don’t meet all of the requirements. Pearce said that women must embrace the mindset that it is OK not to meet all criteria.

To achieve success in the workplace, women must proactively manage their growth and develop leadership skills. Through mentoring programs, they can learn from the experience of their male counterparts. In addition to learning from their peers, women can network with established female leaders willing to mentor them.


Sponsorships for women’s leadership summits are an excellent opportunity for companies to promote their products or services and reach a diverse group of women leaders. By offering a sponsorship, a company can ensure that its logo is prominently displayed on conference materials and will be known to all attendees as a supporter of women and their advancement. Additionally, a sponsorship signals confidence and support for women in leadership roles.

Lithia & Driveway, a local auto parts manufacturer and distributor, is proud to sponsor the Women’s Leadership Summit. They believe in the power of women as business owners, entrepreneurs, and members of families. The partnership with Lithia & Driveway has inspired various programs to help women in the automotive industry develop their leadership skills. Harry & David, a national brand in financial services, has long collaborated with women in the industry by providing leadership development tools and opportunities for professional growth.

Whether you are an individual or a business, the Women’s Leadership Summit is the perfect opportunity to connect with leaders in your field and develop a network of professionals. Through this partnership, you’ll be recognized at every WLS event, with your logo prominently displayed and verbal acknowledgment at all events. You can also support the Summit with in-kind donations.

In addition to offering support for women’s leadership initiatives, your company’s executive leaders can also participate in the Summit by sponsoring an Executive Sponsor Track. The Executive Sponsor Track includes small-group learning with targeted skill-building. This intensive training gives attendees the insight and skills to be influential sponsors of women leaders.


The Foster School of Business Young Women’s Leadership Summit is geared towards female high school seniors and features workshops and discussions with professionals. The program explores topics like finance, operations, information systems, and professionalism and provides students with the tools they need to succeed in their future careers. The Summit aims to prepare female students for undergraduate education by helping them develop practical leadership skills.

The conference features five sessions with established business leaders who support women in the workplace. This interactive approach helps participants gain a strategic plan that will help them thrive in the future. Rebecca Ryan, an award-winning author and passionate futurist gives the keynote address. During the conference, you’ll also hear from other influential speakers and get valuable strategies for your career.

Women’s Leadership Summit is an invitation-only professional development event for women from diverse backgrounds. Participants will gain invaluable career development, leadership development, and networking skills. The event celebrates the centennial of women voting and develops the next generation of women leaders. The conference will also include a presentation on resume tips from Valerie Gaeta Phillips.

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