What Should Go in Womens Church Leadership Conference Gift Bags?

What Should Go in Womens Church Leadership Conference Gift Bags?

If you’re planning on putting together goodie bags for womens church leadership conference attendees, you may wonder what should go inside. After all, these gifts should be meaningful and useful. If you don’t know what to include in your conference bags, you can ask church members for ideas. You can also look for gift cards from a Christian bookstore or local restaurant.

Ideas for women’s church leadership conference gift bags

When putting together a gift bag for your next women’s church leadership conference, there are a few things you can include in the bag. These items should be useful and meaningful. Avoid giving cheap, disposable gifts. If you’re unsure of what to give, talk to church members for ideas. You can also give gift cards to a Christian bookstore or restaurant in your area.

For a more personal gift, include a notebook and pen. Choosing these items carefully can make or break the impression on the recipient. A small journal and a cheap ballpoint pen may not make a strong impression, but a journal and pen with a great quality paper and feel could make a lasting impression.

Items to include in a goodie bag

There are many different items you can include in your conference goodie bags. One way to make them more memorable is by choosing items that have some religious significance. Avoid giving gifts that are too trite or cheap. You can also ask church members for suggestions for what to include. For example, you could give gift cards to local restaurants or Christian bookstores.

When choosing the items for your conference, consider the target audience. For example, if the conference is targeted at women, consider giving out toys to younger attendees. These are easy to give to children, and parents love to receive gifts for their children. Additionally, toys are great to include for older attendees, as they are more likely to have children.

Another great idea is to include extra women’s programs. Many churches have a women’s ministry tea, which includes a light brunch, special music, and fun things like hidden stickers that lead to a free centerpiece. If you are planning a more challenging event, you might want to include items that are more relevant to the attendees.

The first step to putting together the items for your conference goodie bag is to choose the colors of the goodies inside. Some attendees may prefer pink, while others might not. You can select a variety of colors and fabric types, but make sure not to use the same color for all of them. In addition, you may want to customize a small bag with the theme of the retreat, or even include a Bible verse. The next step is to come up with a solid communication plan and solid reasons for the items you choose. Be sure to include speakers, workshop leaders, and exhibitors in the planning stages, and get their input.


When putting together the gift bag, remember to consider the age of the attendees. Children are often picky eaters, so toys are a great option. Also, parents tend to like gifts for their children. Toys are also good ideas for events whose target demographic is older. Many of the delegates at such events have children.


While Kleenex might not be the most exciting item to put in a gift bag, a pack of them can be a great addition to any women’s leadership conference. Parents often want to bring home little toys for their children. Toys can also be a good choice if the conference is geared toward an older demographic. This demographic is more likely to have children than those with younger children.

Breath mints

Gift bags are a great way to give out gifts at women’s church leadership conferences. Often, women’s ministry is overflowing with volunteers. A good idea is to give a small gift bag that contains a variety of goodies. Breath mints, for example, are always a hit.


When planning your women’s church leadership conference gift bags, it’s important to know your target demographic. For example, if you’re planning a retreat for moms, consider including a travel sized Chapstick. Some delegates may be picky eaters, but kids are easy to please, and a toy is a nice touch.

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