What is Womens Leadership Training and Development?

What is Womens Leadership Training and Development?

A women’s leadership training and development program can benefit high-performing women leaders and senior managers of any gender. It is beneficial for senior managers who are in a position to mentor, guide or promote a rising woman leader. Although group attendance is preferred, solo participants will also benefit from the program’s content.

OHSU’s Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Development Program

HIGHER Ground is a five-month leadership development program designed for women who are current or emerging leaders in their fields. The program emphasizes personal and professional growth through academic and experiential workshops. Funded by the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund, the program aims to improve the lives of participants.

The program has helped many women succeed in their careers. Participants have served on student councils, led organizations, and received scholarships and awards. This unique program is a critical lift-off point for women in medicine and other health professions. Many women who have participated are now in medical school or residency.

UNITAR’s Women’s Leadership Programme

The UNITAR Women’s Leadership Programme has delivered leadership training for women since May 2015. The program started with Geneva workshops for female delegates to the WMO Congress, Radiocommunication Assembly/World Radiocommunication Conference, and the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Since then, the program has evolved to take place mainly online. The program’s main objective is to empower more women to be influential leaders in business, society, and politics.

The program consists of three major themes:

  • Gender bias in the workplace
  • Addressing and overcoming these biases
  • Navigating challenging situations

It also introduces participants to the key concepts and tools necessary for effective leadership. The program is designed for women mid- to junior-level professionals in Afghanistan.

UNITAR’s Women’s Leadership program works closely with UN Women and other UN Agencies to strengthen the leadership and management capacities of women government officials. This initiative is part of the UN’s ‘Planet 50:50’ initiative, which seeks to achieve gender parity by 2030.

Another UNITAR course aims to train women in disaster risk reduction. The program focuses on enhancing the skills of women leaders working in tsunami-prone regions. The curriculum combines disaster risk reduction, gender, and resilience-building principles. The course is designed to help participants work together to achieve their goals. The program requires only one to three hours of training per week.

The UNITAR Young Leaders Programme is an online program for aspiring young leaders. It aims to provide young leaders with first-hand UN experience and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work as global leaders. It is open to high school students, university students, and junior and mid-career professionals from the public and private sectors. Participants should create a UNITAR profile and follow the on-screen instructions to register.

UNITAR’s Women’s Leadership Program aims to develop women leaders by building an understanding of gender equality, good governance, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The training is tailored to each organization’s culture and unique needs.

The program has several different modules, depending on the needs and abilities of women. The course includes an assessment tool, workbooks, presentations, and videos. During the online courses, students will learn to navigate gender biases and develop leadership skills. In addition, aspiring female executives and managers will be equipped to become better leaders and take on more leadership roles.


OHSU’s Women’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is an educational and social program for women who want to make a difference in the world around them. Since its inception in 2016, the program has grown from a pilot to a full-fledged program. It was established by Megan Furnari, MD, Kelsey Priest, Angela Steichen, and Ali Pincus. The program nearly doubled in size in the 2017-2018 school year, adding Elizabeth Lahti, MD. Women interested in joining the program can do so by applying to participate. Participants will also receive mentoring and leadership skills training from the program’s alums.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in their education by participating in workshops that address various issues relevant to their career goals. For instance, in the second workshop of the program, students will explore the development of professional and personal identities. It is essential to develop these two identities early on, and medical schools must promote these two elements as part of their curriculum.

The program has boosted the number of women in the Oregon legislature. Recently, Wlnsvey Campos became the youngest female state legislator in Oregon history, and Rachel Armitage was appointed to replace Betsy Johnson, who resigned to run for governor. Since then, the program has grown and has changed its focus. In addition to high school students, it now focuses on women in college.

The program is open to women who want to make a difference in the world around them. The program is focused on training diverse Oregonians. The recent cohort included students from eleven different schools and 13 counties. Sixty percent of them were people of color or first-generation college students. The fellow also represented 22 academic backgrounds, including associate, master, and doctoral degrees.

Participants who complete the Essential Women’s Leadership Academy are equipped to become influential leaders within their organizations. These leaders are prepared for leadership roles in the healthcare field. The program provides mentorship and peers support. Participants will also receive ongoing support through monthly check-ins and in-person mentoring.

To participate in the Women’s Leadership Development Program, women faculty and staff who want to make a difference in the world must meet specific requirements. This includes having a letter of support from their department chairs or other institutional representatives. Participation in the program is free. It is supported by the Ramesh and Brenda Tripathi Vision Research Fund and WEAVR Luncheon funds.

The OHSU Women’s Leadership Development Program was designed with three primary objectives. These objectives were identified through a survey process in which participants evaluated the program’s success. The results showed that participants were delighted with the program. The content, facilitation, and venue all received superior ratings. Additionally, participants’ enthusiasm and optimism for the program’s future increased. This indicates that the OHSU Women’s Leadership Development Program has met its goals.

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