What Is the International Women’s Leadership Association?

What Is the International Women’s Leadership Association?

If you want to join an international association focusing on women’s leadership, it can be a good idea to learn more about this organization. This article will provide information on its benefits, contact information, and conferences. You’ll also find out how to become a member.


Membership in an international women’s leadership association is beneficial for various reasons. Not only do you get to network with women from all over the world, but you also gain access to various professional development opportunities. Membership benefits include:

  • Online forums.
  • Access to curated industry research.
  • Discounts on professional networking events.

The Women Leaders Association offers practical, shared knowledge and inspiration through webinars, local chapters, and global member resources. Its key speakers include women from the upper echelons of women’s leadership worldwide. Many of its volunteers give their time and expertise to help other women achieve success. It also provides women with practical ideas for balancing work and life and proven solutions to keep their careers on track.

Membership to IWF is open to professional women and is by invitation only. The IWF’s affiliate network is managed in Washington, DC. This nonprofit organization has no political or ideological agenda; its mission is to promote women in leadership and shape a transferable legacy for the next generation of women leaders. Members range from scientists, artists, financiers, and CEOs to academics and astronauts.


Women are powerful agents of change, and their participation in decision-making processes benefits society as a whole. Women’s representation in the world’s leadership positions and the design of public policies are essential to advancing gender equality, economic growth, and social and political progress. Women in leadership positions are more likely to make decisions that reflect the needs of their communities.

Women are the majority of the global workforce, but they are underrepresented in the leadership of public and private organizations. Gender parity in leadership has not yet been achieved in many fields, including the health sector. The global community denies a valuable resource by underrepresenting women in global health leadership.

Women Leaders Association programs provide practical knowledge and inspiration to advance women in leadership. These programs include roundtables, workshops, and corporate events. Members learn how to become influential leaders by developing communication skills and developing real-world perspectives. They also gain a better sense of fostering mentors and building a toolkit of self-advocacy skills.

International Women’s Leadership Association events include the Women’s Leadership Summit. Women in business can network and learn from speakers from diverse backgrounds and industries. These events can also be beneficial in the workplace. If you’re a woman in the business world, you can attend this forum and learn more about how to advance your career. The Women’s Leadership Summit will inspire and empower you to take action and be successful in your field.

The International Women’s Leadership Association’s mission is to improve women’s opportunities and influence policymakers. The association comprises young women leaders educated with CAMFED’s support. Their work demonstrates the connections between gender equality and social justice.

Contact information

The International Women Leadership Association has chapters worldwide and works to empower women to lead in all areas of society. The organization’s mission is to advance women’s leadership by providing access to resources, networking opportunities, and a forum to share experiences and ideas. Members attend conferences, share best practices, and engage in professional development. The International Women Leadership Association also publishes a newsletter with various topics for members to explore.

Women are underrepresented in leadership roles in all aspects of society. They face many challenges, including discriminatory laws, institutions, attitudes, and unequal access to resources. Furthermore, young women experience a range of barriers, including age and gender, preventing them from reaching their full potential as leaders. To address these barriers, the organization provides practical ideas to help young women achieve work-life balance and achieve their full potential.


The International Women’s Leadership Association conferences feature leading women in business, nonprofits, science, and the arts. They explore issues that women face in the workplace and provide practical solutions. They also offer inspiring speakers and networking opportunities for women. Attending a Women’s Leadership Association conference will enable you to tap into the latest trends and ideas to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

The World Conference for Women’s Leadership is a global gathering of influential women leaders worldwide. It brings together influential businesswomen and leaders to discuss best practices and develop lasting support networks. The event is held in iconic cultural capitals to promote global inclusion and progress. The 2017 conference was postponed due to the worldwide pandemic, but the Future Women’s Leadership Summit will bring together impactful leaders worldwide.

The International Conference for Women Leaders was first held in 1961. Israel’s Agency organizes the conference for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV). Each meeting focuses on a development theme that women’s organizations are interested in. It also covers issues declared by the United Nations to be of international concern. The conference culminates with the Haifa Declaration, a document that summarizes the conference’s conclusions and makes recommendations for action. The Haifa Declaration is then handed over to the President of Israel.

Speakers at the Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference focus on issues affecting women’s rights and empowerment. Presenters will offer academic research, reports from all over the world, and panel discussions. The conference will also provide a platform for prominent leaders in the field to share their experiences.

Membership fees

International women’s leadership associations provide professional members with many benefits. They offer networking opportunities, speaker bureaus, conferences, and communique. These organizations also encourage diverse perspectives and celebrate women’s leadership. Membership fees are modest and cover access to events and resources. However, some benefits may exceed the cost of membership. Some of the many benefits of becoming a member include networking opportunities, professional development, and access to a mentorship program.

WOCAN’s membership has steadily increased since 2005 and will reach 1432 members by December 2021. Members are primarily from Africa and Asia, with a small proportion from North America and Europe. Members have diverse backgrounds, including women in business, research, and project implementation and those with formal gender responsibilities in their organizations and universities. Some members are interested in learning more about gender equality and working to create an equitable environment for women and girls. In addition to monetary donations, WOCAN members often volunteer their time and expertise to develop and promote social change.

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