What Does the Bible Say About Spitrual Leadership in the Family?

What Does the Bible Say About Spitrual Leadership in the Family?

You might be wondering: What does the bible say about spitrual leadership in the family? The short answer is that God has given the responsibility of household leadership to the husband. However, the wise head should consult with his wife, seeking her counsel and wise opinions.

It’s Adam’s responsibility

The responsibility of spiritual leadership for the family was first placed upon Adam in Genesis. In this passage, God speaks directly to the first man, Adam, giving him the first command. In doing so, God puts his law directly into his heart, placing his responsibility for spiritual leadership on him. The Triune God, in addition to creating Adam, also gave him a companion to share life with. His companion, Eve, would be equal in worth and have distinct roles to complement Adam.

Adam’s responsibility for spiritual leadership in the home was not just about providing for his family, but also for his wife. The Bible teaches that the first man, Adam, had a job and tended the garden before he married Eve. Therefore, it is essential for a man to have a career and a home before he can marry. A man who isn’t prepared to provide for his wife cannot fulfill his responsibility to her. While most men are good providers, they don’t meet all of God’s requirements for family life. In order to be a good leader, a man must have a role in the spiritual life of his wife and children.

Adam’s responsibility for spiritual leadership in the home is to be a spiritual example to his family. This means he should be a man of godliness and teach his children to follow his example. In addition to being a spiritual leader, he should serve his wife by doing household chores with joy and honoring her verbally.

Adam’s role in the family as a leader was set forth by God. He was created first, and Eve was created to assist him. After the fall, Adam and Eve failed to fulfill their role as head of the family. Their sin resulted in a curse and a broken relationship between husband and wife.

It’s a pattern of prayer

There is a spiritual pattern for spiritual leadership in a family. This pattern is prayer. Every family has something that stands for something. It is called to glorify God with its unique gifts. The husband has a special responsibility to figure things out for the family. He needs to draw the wife into his initiative. She will have the superior wisdom on many things. But she longs for her husband to be the one to take the initiative.

Family prayer helps to preserve family relationships. It creates strong cohesive bonds among family members and provides reassurance for children. In addition, it offers the chance for children to see how good examples act. It shows them that parents put God first, and that they are not afraid of anything. The parents must have the highest regard for God. And they should not let anything come in the way of their communication with God. This pattern of prayer is found in Jesus Christ, who prayed to God throughout His earthly life.

Children of leaders should see their parents’ love for God and seek to know Him personally. Moreover, they should emulate David, who was a god-fearing king who led his people in righteousness and humility. He trusted the Lord and was considered a man after God’s own heart. He was a great blessing among the nations.

Fathers and husbands play a vital role in spiritual leadership. In a spiritually active household, a father is the spiritual head. This role is a God-ordained role. He must accept this role fully. Otherwise, he will experience insecurities.

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