The Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University


Founded in 1989 by a former executive director and international women’s rights activist, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership is a university-based organization that trains women for global leadership. CWGL’s mission is to improve the status of women from all walks of life. It holds seminars, workshops, and training focusing on leadership development, gender equity, and social justice to accomplish this goal.


CWGL, or the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, is an organization that promotes women’s global leadership. It is based at Rutgers University. The Center was founded in 1989 by Charlotte Bunch, a former executive director of the National Women’s Law Center and an internationally renowned activist for women’s rights.

CWGL empowers women by strengthening their global voices to promote social justice, human rights, and self-determination. It also conducts research guided by the experience of people who have lived through social justice and human rights challenges. The organization works with groups typically excluded from decision-making and advocates on their behalf.

CWGL also hosts several institutes and collaborative activities to promote women’s leadership in human rights. They include the International Campaign on Women Human Rights Defenders, strategic planning activities, and UN monitoring. In addition, the Center hosts global education initiatives and a resource center.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) at Rutgers University promotes the development of women leaders through educational programs and advocacy for women’s rights and social justice. The organization was founded as a project of Douglass College in 1989 and is part of the Institute for Women’s Leadership, a group of seven women’s programs at Rutgers. CWGL fosters women’s leadership and develops programs for women of all ages.

Its mission

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership’s mission is to foster and develop women’s leadership in support of human rights, social justice, and self-determination worldwide. The Center seeks to develop women’s leadership through research, education, and advocacy that addresses critical issues, including violence against women and sexual and economic well-being.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership seeks to create change through authentic learning experiences. Its goal is to educate students and inspire them to apply their leadership skills in service to local and global communities. This mission aligns with the Academy’s strategic vision for 2015-2020. As a member of the Academy’s Global Leadership Initiative, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership is committed to educating women to be compassionate leaders in today’s global society.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership is an interdisciplinary program that connects academic, professional, and community-based research. Its mission is to provide students access to top women leaders, service learning, and impactful partnerships that impact the world. By bringing together scholars, and practitioners, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership hopes to spur innovative thought, stimulate creative action, and foster positive change.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership coordinates the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, implemented by more than 6,000 organizations in 187 countries. The organization is also involved in global efforts to influence the 2030 agenda by building a network of women leaders in the Global North and South. It also coordinates the Journalism Initiative on GBV, a network of journalists reporting on women’s issues worldwide.

Its programs

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership and its programs at Rutgers University is dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders who will take action for human rights and equality worldwide. The Center brings together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to conduct research, convene leaders, and advocate for change. Its mission is to promote gender equity, human rights, and self-determination worldwide.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership organizes various events and campaigns worldwide and engages the community of women’s human rights defenders to exert pressure on decision-making bodies. Its movements, which highlight that women’s rights are human rights, garner support from thousands of organizations and individuals. It also organizes rallies to protect individual human rights defenders in countries ranging from Serbia to Iran. In addition, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership hosts public forums and consultations that assess the status of the women’s rights movement. In November 2003, it held an international consultation on strategic directions for women’s rights.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership and its programs foster learning and inspire dialogue, promoting individual and organizational impact. Participants receive microgrants to help them implement innovative leadership projects that combat gender inequality and discrimination issues. The Center is also active in global engagement and service learning.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership and its programs is a global organization operating for over 20 years. Its recent development has been marked by its involvement in international negotiations. The organization has been active in various forums, including the UN General Assembly. As a result, the organization is actively working to promote gender equality around the world.

Its partners

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) at Rutgers University is dedicated to strengthening the voice and capabilities of women around the world to work for social justice and human rights. Their projects include human rights education and international mobilization campaigns. In addition, the CWGL provides strategic planning activities and hosts a resource center.

The CWGL is also a leader in the fight against gender-based violence. The organization has been active in UN meetings and international mobilization campaigns, including the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. Additionally, they have been instrumental in securing international policy commitments recognizing women’s rights as human rights.

The Center’s mission is to develop leaders capable of changing the world for the better. To achieve this, it partners with local and global non-profit organizations. Partners in Northern Indiana include Saint Margaret’s House, the North Center Indiana YWCA, the South Bend Center for the Homeless, La Casa de Amistad, El Campito, Hannah’s House, and the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership and its partners welcome thought leaders from different industries and backgrounds to engage in critical conversations. Their events are designed to foster learning and inspire action. They also aim to promote individual and organizational impact. To this end, they provide regular updates and on-demand access to past events.

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership and its partners draws inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 5 C on gender equality law reform. Its projects also support the goals of UNESCO and UN Women.

It’s funding

The Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) is an institute that supports and strengthens women’s leadership for human rights, social justice, and self-determination. It works at the intersection of gender, human rights, and economic policy and implements strategies for transformation.

The Center’s main objective is to advance gender equality through education and advocacy. It sponsors events such as the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. It also aims to improve the status of women in leadership positions through education and outreach. Among its activities are the sponsorship of Women’s Human Rights Partnership conferences and the development of popular educational materials.

The program is geared toward rising women leaders and provides a year-long education in global affairs. It also includes executive leadership and communication training. It consists of a week-long retreat at CSIS headquarters in February, interactive online programming, and two-day on-site conferences in Washington, D.C.

The Gender Fund seeks to increase gender equity funding by supporting a broad ecosystem of actors. In addition to providing direct grants to women’s organizations, the Gender Fund also funds research and learning on gender equality. The initial set of assignments supports initiatives that address significant barriers to gender equality, including gender-based violence, maternal health, and gender-inclusive education. Its goal is to scale the Gender Fund to fund programs in 13 countries over the next decade.

The world needs to invest in initiatives and training for women’s leadership. Traditional approaches are no longer enough to foster the change needed to advance gender equality. Today, it is critical to include diverse perspectives and experiences from across sectors and disciplines.

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