The 10th Annual Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Conference

The 10th Annual Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Conference

If you are a woman looking for a conference for women, the 10th Annual Higher Ground Womens Leadership Conference might be the right choice for you. This conference brings together professional women from a wide variety of industries to discuss issues affecting women in leadership. There are three tracks at the conference, featuring speakers such as Bettina Bush, Diane Reichenberger, and Kimberly Freeman.

Cost of the conference

The 10th Annual Higher Ground Women’s Leadership Conference is the largest gathering of women leaders in the country. Taking place in New York City, the summit will feature over 30 speakers and more than twenty breakout sessions on a variety of topics. It also includes networking opportunities, a cocktail reception, and personal development tracks. In addition to the keynote speakers, the summit will feature interactive workshops, hands-on sessions, panel discussions, and social events.

The event is sponsored by the Conference Board, an organization that focuses on gender parity and human capital. The conference aims to foster the professional development of women at all levels of the company. Attendees will be able to network with women leaders from all sectors and learn the latest leadership practices. This conference features workshops by nationally known experts in their fields and provides practical solutions for success. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in small-group roundtable discussions and take part in field trips. Tickets to the 10th annual Higher Ground Women’s Conference are $2,895 per person, including a $400 discount for early registration.

To attend the conference, you must register. Students can register for $20. Alumni can register for free. Students can also attend an exclusive event held on Oct. 28 with speakers including Janessa Hageman, assistant director of the Career Center for the College of Business, and Paska Juma, founder of the Black Leaders Movement and entrepreneur.

Cost of the 10th annual Higher Ground Women Leadership Conference includes meals and accommodations. The conference is expected to attract more than 3,400 attendees. Speakers will cover a variety of leadership and diversity topics. The conference will end with a panel discussion featuring Malala Yousafzai.

Keynote speakers

The conference kicked off with keynote speaker Sandra Ford Walston, “The Courage Expert,” who has a passion for courageous leadership. She has spent years researching the power of courage and presented a series of twelve behaviors that inspire women to be courageous. She was a passionate advocate for female empowerment and her audience loved her message.

The conference is two days and hosted by Simmons University in Boston. The event is also simulcast in other locations around the country. Over 500 people are expected to attend. Speakers cover a variety of topics related to leadership and diversity. The conference concludes with a panel discussion that features Malala Yousafzai.

Women’s leadership and feminism are central to the conference’s message. The conference is a unique experience that provides high-quality education and networking opportunities for women. Each year, the conference brings together nearly 300 women from different industries to discuss issues affecting gender equity and advancing women. The conference features national and regional speakers who explore timely issues that are important to women. Additionally, attendees can earn Continuing Education Units while attending the conference.

The conference offers an opportunity for women in every field to network with women who have led and are now influencing the world around them. Whether you’re a rising or established leader, the conference is designed to inspire you and empower you with practical solutions for success. The conference is open to all SDSU students and community members.

The event features a mix of keynote speakers and breakout sessions that are ideal for women in leadership roles. The conference is held on one day in Atlanta and is simulcast in over 700 locations in 20 countries. Attendees will leave with actionable takeaways that will help them become better leaders.

Time of the conference

The 16th Annual HIGHER Ground Women’s Leadership Conference is coming to Richmond, Virginia on November 4 and 5. The conference will celebrate women’s uniqueness and provide practical solutions for leadership success. It is open to current and emerging women leaders in all fields and at every career stage. It will provide a supportive environment for networking and learning and will challenge participants to reach their full leadership potential.

The event features top-notch workshops and educational sessions that will enhance your leadership skills. With speakers ranging from the former prime minister of Australia to a Pakistani woman who lived as a boy, this conference will be an inspiring and educational event. The conference offers Continuing Education Units for participants, as well as plenty of opportunities to network with other women who share similar goals.

The conference features 450+ professional women from diverse fields. The speakers will focus on women and leadership issues, including allyship, recruitment, and re-entry into the workforce. Other highlights include the Women Lead Festival, a networking event with a diverse group of women leaders.

This event aims to empower current and future leaders to develop strategic foresight and take decisive action. The event combines one-day workshops with keynote speakers from leading companies. Speakers are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including IBM, Dell EMC, Microsoft, SAP, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The Next Step track focuses on the skills needed to take your career to the next level.


The HIGHER Ground Women’s Leadership Conference brings together more than 300 women from various sectors and industries for three days of learning, networking, and collaboration. The conference explores the factors that influence leadership and offers practical strategies to help women achieve success. This self-directed, women-only conference offers presentations by national and regional leaders on timely issues that impact women’s lives and careers. The conference also offers Continuing Education Units.

The conference is targeted toward current and future female businesswomen and will feature presentations by women from major corporations such as IBM, Dell EMC, Microsoft, SAP, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It will also feature concurrent skill-building workshops and panel discussions. Speakers will address issues of diversity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. The event will also include a panel discussion with Malala Yousafzai.

Sandra Ford Walston was an inspirational keynote speaker who opened the conference with a powerful message of courage. She shared her years of research into courage and gave attendees a series of actions that they can take to become courageous in their lives. Her message was centered around empowering women and the importance of finding their true selves.

The conference offers many breakout sessions and new speakers. These sessions are designed to provide participants with valuable tools to develop their leadership skills. The program also includes networking opportunities. There is also a Women’s Leadership Institute, which includes monthly virtual sessions and group learning. Whether you’re looking for professional development or want to learn more about the topic of a particular topic, the conference is sure to inspire you.

Speakers at the 10th annual Higher Ground Conference 2017 will include speakers from a diverse range of fields and disciplines. The topics range from the personal to the political. Some of the topics discussed at the conference will be about overcoming challenges and creating a better future. Some of the speakers include:

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