How Much Does the Platinum Exchange Womens Leadership Program Cost?

How Much Does the Platinum Exchange Womens Leadership Program Cost?

The Platinum Exchange Womens Leadership Program (AHWLP) is an elite program designed to enhance gender equity and diversity within organizations and teams. It provides women executives with the skills and behavioral changes that will enhance their impact on team performance. The program addresses intersectionality, engages male executives as allies, and shifts the culture to a more inclusive environment.


The Platinum Exchange Program is a unique leadership development program designed for women. The program helps women advance to leadership roles in organizations by improving their skills, behavior, and perceptions. The program also addresses intersectionality and works to create a more inclusive workplace culture. Applicants should have at least five years of experience in health care to apply for the program.

The program is offered online and focuses on professional development. It helps women harness their networks and develop their innovation potential. It emphasizes integrative solutions and is led by Emma Seppala and Rodrigo Canales. The program’s curriculum is designed to address the challenges women face early in their career.

AHWLP is a pioneering women’s leadership program

The Alice Houston Women’s Leadership Program (AHWLP) is a training program for women who have extensive work experience and two or more promotions in their current position. Its focus is on developing the leadership skills needed to move into the upper echelons of leadership in organizations. It is open to all women of all races and backgrounds. AHWLP participants typically have titles such as Director, Senior Manager, or even C-suite.

The program prepares women to become effective leaders by developing strong personal and professional qualities, and developing networks and relationships that foster innovation. It focuses on developing integrated solutions to complex problems. The curriculum is designed to help participants develop their leadership communication skills, develop strategies to overcome unconscious bias, and learn the value of male allies in advancing women’s professional advancement. The program also fosters creative confidence, helps participants develop mentoring relationships, and develop a self-advocacy toolkit.

In addition to enhancing personal and professional development, the program aims to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. WLP Leaders will be able to access a wide range of professionals, faculty, and peers to deepen their understanding of diversity and inclusive leadership.

The AHWLP was founded in 2012 and was permanently established at Marquette University in 2016. It has since become a university center with a $5 million endowment commitment from the Thomas J. Rolfs family. Its programming is diverse and includes on-campus and community-wide initiatives. It has also launched a summer research program and hosted a virtual conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. It is scheduled to publish its first white paper on law firm pay equity in March 2021. It also hosted a three-part webinar series on financial intelligence for women.


The Platinum Exchange Women’s Leadership Program has been proven to increase gender diversity and equity in leadership roles. It provides enhanced leadership skills and behavioral change that improve team performance and fosters inclusion. Throughout the program, participants learn about their unique leadership strengths and how to apply them in any leadership setting. The program also engages male executives as allies and creates an environment that is supportive of women’s career growth.

The program also allows women to learn how to navigate the path from entry-level positions to more senior and executive positions in their organizations. In addition, it emphasizes innovative techniques to educate the next generation of business leaders. Participants will earn 4 CLPs for participating in the program. The program is designed to inspire women to make meaningful contributions to society.

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